BACTICID AF is an ethanol-based rapid disinfectant for noninvasive medical devices and alcohol resistant surfaces. Perfect product in higher hygiene requirements, where rapid and regular surface disinfection is required.
BACTICID AF has a broad spectrum of bactericidal (incl. MRSA, VRE) mycobactericidal (incl. Mycobacterium avium and Mycobacterium terrae), fully virucidal (incl. all enveloped viruses, Adeno, Noro, Rota, Polio), fungicidal and yeasticidal activity.

APPLICATION AREAS: Alcohol-based rapid disinfection of medical devices and other surfaces, where short contact times are required, for example in the following areas:
• Hospitals and other medical institutions
• Operating theatres and procedure rooms
• Intensive care units
• Accident and emergency departments
• Dialysis departments
• Family doctor offices, first-aid stations
• Ambulances
• Laboratories and diagnostics
• Dentist’s offices
• Patient home care
• Food industry and food processing areas
• Pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry

USAGE: BACTICID AF is a ready for use solution and can be applied on the surfaces by wiping or spraying.
Surface disinfection by wiping: Apply a sufficient amount of BACTICID AF to a suitable single-use non-woven cloth and wipe the surfaces.
Surface disinfection by spraying: Spray BACTICID AF onto surfaces from a distance of at least 30 cm and spread with a cloth. Recommended use for difficult to reach surfaces. Ensure complete coverage. The surfaces must remain visibly moistened for 30 seconds to take effect.
BACTICID AF is an effective product for rapid disinfection of surfaces like patient nearby surfaces, operating tables, bed frames and bedside tables, examination couches, stretchers, patient chairs, wheelchairs, medical equipment, trays, trolleys, hospital and maternity beds.