Please note that due to high demand for hand disinfectants, the bottle design might vary.

GCG STERIHAND – odourless and transparent ethanol-based hand sanitiser, for personal and professional use.
GCG STERIHAND helps to prevent infections where hygienic demands are strict and hand disinfection is the highest priority.
GCG STERIHAND, when used precisely in accordance with the instructions for use, is effective against the group of enveloped (lipophilic) viruses including the SARS-CoV-2 (2019-nCoV) virus.
GCG STERIHAND is gentle on the hands; the emollients present in this product help to quickly restore normal skin microflora, moisture balance, and protective functions of the skin.

• Hygienic hand disinfection:
Apply 3 ml of GCG STERIHAND onto cleaned and dried hands and rub the disinfectant until the hands are dry. Contact time: 30 seconds. The skin should be wet during the exposition.
• Surgical hand disinfection:
Apply at least 3 ml of GCG STERIHAND onto cleaned and dried hands and forearms twice (important: the entire area to be disinfected should be covered with the solution). Contact time: 1.5 minutes. Both hands and forearms should be disinfected.

FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY: do not use on face, mucous membrane, or injured skin.
Keep away from children.
Store the bottle closed in a cool place (max. temperature: +25°C).
Keep away from direct sunlight.

Active ingredients:
100g of this product contains:
Ethanol 72g;
Alkyl (C12-18) dimethylbenzylammonium chloride 0,1g;
Alkyl (C12-C14) ethylbenzylammonium chloride 0,1g.

100 ml bottle